About Us

Capella & Alhena Client Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Capella & Alhena Client Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is a professional service provider with an aim to providing a complete range of world-class integrated Facility Management Services, in major business sectors, backed by a Team with vast experience in facility management.

We stand out among our peers by bringing together the best practices of the facility management industry. While facility managers have traditionally faced a trade-off between great service and affordable pricing.

Our business takes care of essential support services, adding value on every step of the facilities management path, enabling our clients to concentrate on delivering their core strategies. We use an innovative approach that brings its customers excellence in both crucial areas.

It is our desire to not only meet, but exceed expectations by providing consistent, quality customer service 100% of the time with a commitment to excellence in all lines of business.

We will provide a safe, secure, and clean work environment all the while being innovative and responsive to your needs.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environment is our overriding priority. Our employees are our greatest resource and we are committed to their safety. We exercise safe work practices in all of our activities. We provide very thorough safety training at the start of the contract and refresher training on an annual basis, combining customer site specific safety initiatives into this training.

The Key Strengths of CACS

  • Great People – Strong operational teams organised in customer-led sectors with a deep understanding of our customers’ business drivers.
  • Provision of an experienced Technical Team driving consistent market leading standards and best practice
  • A flexible solution using CACS self-delivery models and specialist services provided by strategic supply chain partners.
  • CACS team provide leadership, technical expertise, technical training and development around core services, including cleaning, security and general maintenance, etc.
  • Deployment of competent and well trained staff, capable of responding to a broad range of reactive and planned tasks efficiently and effectively
  • Deliver services to an agreed Service Level Agreement and measure performance through Key Performance Indicators.